Outdoor Digital LED Display

Outdoor Digital LED Display

Outdoor Digital LED Display is Product of GPASDecor ADVERTISING CO.,LTD Company. For customer to order who are name Mansudae New Tech Corporation LTD (Angkor Panorama) that we finished for project on 18 July 2019.

Outdoor Digital LED Display is used to display various information factors such as words, texts, images, drawing, animation, stock quotation as well as various multimedia information and TV and video signals for advertise different products according to the needs of customers, the Outdoor Digital LED display is a new project that have quality and standards.

In terms of quality, this is especially important because all engineers are skilled in designing and building accurate and robust specifications, especially when it comes to the proper documentation for the permit. From the control panel we placed the Outdoor Digital LED display there accurately and precisely.

Following the completion of the project, we have achieved good quality and well-organized results, especially for the customers who are satisfied after the completion of the Outdoor Digital LED Display.

For our Company have a lot of service that can help advertisement for such as LED Display, Light Box, Billboard and others services.

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